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DC-10-10 Production List
Legend: Active Stored Canx Unknown Status
Con Number Line Number Type Reg Operator Date Remarks
46500 1 -10 N101AA American Airlines Dec.72  
      N101AA   Feb.95 stored MZJ
      N101AA   Mar.97 stored GYR
46501 2 -10 N10DC McDonnell-Douglas Jul.70  
      G-BELO Laker Jun.77  
      N183AT ATA Feb.83  
      G-GCAL Cal-Air Intl Feb.86  
      G-GCAL Novair Dec.88  
      G-GCAL   May.90 stored ACT
      N220AU Orbis Nov.91 in service
46502 3 -10 N102AA American Airlines Jun.72  
      N102AA   Sep.93 stored AMA
      N102AA   Mar.97 stored GYR
46503 5 -10 N103AA American Airlines Jul.71  
      N103AA   Oct.93 stored AMA
      N103AA   Mar.97 stored GYR
46504 7 -10 N104AA American Airlines Sep.71  
      N104AA   Sep.93 stored AMA
      N104AA   Sep.95 b/u AMA
46505 9 -10 N105AA American Airlines Nov.71  
      N105AA   Nov.93 stored AMA
      N105AA   Mar.97 stored GYR
46506 12 -10 N106AA American Airlines Dec.71  
      N106AA   Oct.93 stored AMA
      N106AA   Apr.97 stored GYR
46507 13 -10 N107AA American Airlines Dec.71  
      N107AA   Nov.93 stored AMA
      N107AA   Apr.97 stored GYR
46508 20 -10 N108AA American Airlines Jan.72  
      N108AA   Nov.93 stored AMA
      N108AA   Apr.97 stored GYR
46509 21 -10 N109AA American Airlines Jan.72  
      N109AA   Sep.93 stored AMA
      N109AA   Sep.95 b/u AMA
46510 22 -10 N110AA American Airlines Feb.72  
      N110AA American Airlines May.79 Crashed at ORD
46511 23 -10 N111AA American Airlines Mar.72  
      N111AA   May.93 stored AMA
      N111AA   Sep.95 b/u AMA
46512 24 -10 N112AA American Airlines Mar.72  
      N112AA   Aug.93 stored AMA
      N112AA   Mar.97 stored GYR
46513 30 -10 N113AA American Airlines Apr.72  
      N113AA   Jul.93 stored AMA
      N113AA   Sep.95 b/u AMA
46514 31 -10 N114AA American Airlines May.72  
      N114AA   Aug.93 stored AMA
      N114AA   Sep.95 b/u AMA
46515 37 -10 N115AA American Airlines May.72  
      N115AA   Feb.94 stored AMA
      N115AA   Apr.97 stored GYR
46516 48 -10 N116AA American Airlines Jul.72  
      N116AA   Jan.94 stored TUL
      N116AA Hawaiian Airlines    
      N116AA   Mar.99 stored GYR
46517 49 -10 N117AA American Airlines Jul.72  
      N117AA   Dec.93 stored MZJ
      N117AA   Sep.96 stored GYR
46518 51 -10 N118AA American Airlines Jul.72  
      N118AA   Apr.94 stored AMA
      N118AA   Mar.97 stored GYR
46519 52 -10 N119AA American Airlines Aug.72  
      N119AA   Jan.94 stored MZJ
      N119AA Hawaiian Airlines Aug.94  
      N119AA   Sep.00 stored MHV
      N119AA Fed Ex Oct.00 stored MHV
46520 54 -10 N120AA American Airlines Aug.72  
      N120AA   Apr.94 stored AMA
      N120AA   Mar.97 stored GYR
46521 55 -10 N121AA American Airlines Sep.72  
      N121AA   Apr.94 stored AMA
      N121AA   Apr.97 stored GYR
46522 56 -10 N122AA American Airlines Sep.72  
      N122AA   Sep.94 stored TUL
      N122AA Hawaiian Airlines Oct.94  
      N122AA   Feb.01 stored MHV
46523 58 -10 N123AA American Airlines Oct.72  
      N123AA   Jan.95 stored MZJ
      N123AA   Nov.95 stored AMA?
      N123AA   May.98 stored GYR
46524 65 -10 N124AA American Airlines Nov.72  
      N124AA   Jan.94 stored MZJ
      N910SF Hughes Aircraft Feb.95  
      N910SF   Aug.00 stored AMARC
46525 72 -10 N125AA American Airlines Dec.72  
      N125AA   Jul.94 stored MZJ
      N125AA Hawaiian Airlines Feb.95 in service
46600 4 -10 N1801U United Airlines Jun.72  
      N1801U   Sep.94 stored LAS
      N1801U   Jun.98 stored ?
      N364FE Fed Ex Jul.98 in service
46601 6 -10 N1802U United Airlines Jul.72  
      N1802U   Sep.94 stored LAS
      N365FE Fed Ex Mar.98 in service
46602 8 -10 N1803U United Airlines Jun.72  
      N1803U   Sep.94 stored LAS
      N1803U   Jun.97 stored GYR
      N366FE Fed Ex Mar.99 in service
46603 10 -10 N1804U United Airlines Sep.71  
      N1804U   Nov.92 stored ARD
      N1804U   Jun.96 b/u ARD
46604 11 -10 N1805U United Airlines Oct.72  
      N1805U   Sep.92 stored ARD
      N1805U   Apr.98 wfu ARD
46605 15 -10 N1806U United Airlines Dec.72  
      N1806U   Sep.94 stored DEN
      N1806U   Jun.97 stored GYR
      N1806U   Sep.98 parked ICT
      N367FE Fed Ex   in service
46606 17 -10 N1807U United Airlines Dec.72  
      N1807U   Sep.94 stored LAS
      N1807U   May.97 stored GYR
      N368FE Fed Ex Jun.99 in service
46607 25 -10 N1808U United Airlines Feb.72  
      N1808U   Sep.94 stored LAS
      N1808U   May.97 stored GYR
      N369FE Fed Ex Jun.99 in service
46608 26 -10 N1809U United Airlines Feb.72  
      N1809U   Mar.94 stored LAS
      N1809U   Mar.97 stored GYR
      N370FE Fed Ex Mar.98 in service
46609 27 -10 N1810U United Airlines Apr.72  
      N1810U   Feb.95 stored LAS
      N1810U United Airlines    
      N1810U     stored LAS
      N1810U Fed Ex   cvtd at Aeronavali
      N371FE Fed Ex Apr.98 in service
46610 32 -10 N1811U United Airlines Apr.72  
      N1811U     stored MHV
      N1811U   Jan.99 stored LAX
      N372FE Fed Ex Mar.99 in service
46611 35 -10 N1812U United Airlines Apr.72  
      N1812U   Feb.98 stored GYR
      N373FE Fed Ex Mar.98 in service
46612 39 -10 N1813U United Airlines May.72  
      N1813U   Sep.96 stored LAS
      N374FE Fed Ex Apr.99 in service
46613 42 -10 N1814U United Airlines Jun.72  
      N1814U   Nov.97 stored LAS
      N1814U   May.98 stored GYR
      N375FE Fed Ex Apr.99 parked IAB, awaiting conversion
      N375FE Fed Ex Jun.99 in service
46614 43 -10 N1815U United Airlines Jul.72  
      N1815U   Sep.98 stored LAS
      N1815U   Aug.99 stored GYR
46615 76 -10 N1816U United Airlines Jan.73  
      N1816U   Jan.99 stored LAS
      N1816U   Jun.99 stored GYR
      N381FE Fed Ex May.00 in service
46616 86 -10 N1817U United Airlines Mar.73  
      N1817U   Jan.99 stored LAS
      N1817U   Apr.99 stored GYR
      N383FE Fed Ex Jul.99 in service
46617 89 -10 N1818U United Airlines Apr.73  
      N1818U   Sep.93 stored LAS
      N1818U   Jan.98 stored GYR
      N384FE Fed Ex Jun.99 in service
46618 118 -10 N1819U United Airlines Apr.74  
      N1819U United Airlines Jul.89 Crashed at Sioux City
46619 119 -10 N1820U United Airlines Feb.74  
      N1820U   Sep.94 stored LAS
      N1820U   Mar.97 stored GYR
      N385FE Fed Ex Apr.98 in service
46620 138 -10 N1821U United Airlines Feb.74  
      N1821U   Sep.94 stored LAS
      N1821U   Aug.97 stored GYR
      N1821U   Jun.98 stored LGB
    MD-10 N386FE Boeing Mar.99 MD-10 testbed
      N386FE Fed Ex May.00 in service
46621 140 -10 N1822U United Airlines Feb.74  
      N1822U   Sep.94 stored LAS
      N1822U Fed Ex Mar.97 stored GYR
      N387FE Fed Ex Mar.98 in service
46622 144 -10 N1823U United Airlines Jun.74  
      N1823U   Sep.94 stored LAS
      N1823U Fed Ex Mar.97 stored GYR
      N388FE Fed Ex Apr.98 in service
46623 154 -10 N1824U United Airlines Jun.74  
      N1824U   Feb.96 stored LAS
      N1824U Fed Ex Nov.98  
      N389FE Fed Ex Nov.99 in service
46624 155 -10 N1825U United Airlines Jun.74  
      N1825U   Mar.97 stored GYR
      N390FE Fed Ex Apr.98 in service
46625 169 -10 N1826U United Airlines Feb.75  
      N1826U   Dec.94 stored LAS
      N1826U Leisure Air Jan.95  
      N1826U   Oct.95 stored MZJ
      N391FE Fed Ex Mar.97 in service
46626 198 -10 N1827U United Airlines Apr.75  
      N1827U   Dec.94 stored LAS
      N1827U Leisure Air Jan.95  
      N1827U   Oct.95  
      N1827U Fed Ex Mar.97  
      N392FE Fed Ex Jun.97 in service
46627 205 -10 N1828U United Airlines Jun.75  
      N1828U   Oct.99 stored GYR
46628 207 -10 N1829U United Airlines Jul.75  
      N1829U   Aug.00 stored LAS
46629 208 -10 N1830U United Airlines Aug.75  
      N1830U   Dec.98 stored LAS
      N1830U   Jan.99 parked at Aeronavali
      N1830U   Apr.99 stored LAS
      N395FE Fed Ex Dec.99 in service
46630 209 -10 N1831U United Airlines Aug.75  
      N1831U   Nov.98 stored LAS
      N1831U   Jun.99 stored GYR
      N396FE Fed Ex May.00 in service
46631 210 -10 N1832U United Airlines Sep.75  
      N1832U     stored LAS
      N1832U   Jan.97 stored GYR
      N1832U Fed Ex Jul.97 stored GYR
      N397FE Fed Ex May.98 in service
46632 296 -10 N1838U United Airlines Nov.79  
      N1838U   Jun.99 stored MZJ
46633 297 -10 N1839U United Airlines Feb.80  
      N1839U   Oct.99 stored LAS
      N1839U   Sep.01 parked PMD
46634 298 -10 N1841U United Airlines Jan.80  
      N1841U     stored MHV
      N1841U   Jan.99 stored LAS
      N1841U   Jun.99 stored GYR
    MD-10 N398FE Fed Ex May.00 in service
46635 307 -10 N1842U United Airlines Feb.80  
      N1842U   Jan.99 stored LAS
      N1842U   Sep.01 parked PMD
46636 309 -10 N1843U United Airlines Mar.80  
      N1843U   Mar.99 stored LAS
46645 283 -10 N912WA Western Airlines Jul.79  
      N912WA Delta Airlines Apr.87  
      N912WA American Airlines Jun.88  
      SE-DHX Scanair Mar.89  
      SE-DHX Sun Country Jul.91  
      N571SC Sun Country Mar.94  
      N571SC Ryan Intl Jun.98  
      N571RY Ryan Intl Jan.00 opb Skyservice USA
46646 285 -10 N913WA Western Airlines Jul.79  
      N913WA Delta Airlines Apr.87  
      SE-DHS Scanair Dec.88  
      OY-CNS Premiair    
      G-DPSP Airtours Aug.00 in service
46700 14 -10 N60NA National Airlines Nov.71  
      N60NA Pan Am Jan.80  
      N145AA American Airlines Apr.84  
      N145AA   Aug.94 stored MZJ
      N145AA   May.98 stored GSO
      N145AA   Jun.99 stored GYR
46701 16 -10 N61NA National Airlines Nov.71  
      N61NA Pan Am Jan.80  
      N146AA American Airlines Aug.84  
      N146AA Hawaiian Airlines Jun.94  
      N146AA   Mar.97 stored GYR
46702 18 -10 N62NA National Airlines Dec.71  
      N62NA Pan Am Jan.80  
      N147AA American Airlines Jul.84  
      N147AA   Feb.97 stored MZJ
      N147AA Omni Air Express Jul.97  
      N147AA   Aug.97 wfu TUL
      N147AA   Aug.98 b/u TUL
46703 19 -10 N63NA National Airlines Jan.72  
      N63NA Pan Am Jan.80  
      N148AA American Airlines Jul.84  
      N148AA Hawaiian Airlines Oct.94 in service
      N148AA   Feb.01 stored MHV
46704 29 -10 N1337U McDonnell-Douglas Dec.72  
      TC-JAV Turkish Airlines Dec.72  
      TC-JAV Turkish Airlines Mar.74 Crashed at Paris
46705 33 -10 N1338U McDonnell-Douglas Dec.72  
      TC-JAU Turkish Airlines Dec.72  
      N68058 Fed Ex Nov.89 in service
46706 38 -10 N64NA National Airlines May.72  
      N64NA Pan Am Jan.80  
      N151AA American Airlines Apr.84  
      N151AA   May.94 stored MZJ
      N151AA Hawaiian Airlines Mar.97  
      N151AA Omni Air Express    
      N360AX Omni Air Express   in service
46707 61 -10 N65NA National Airlines Oct.72  
      N65NA Pan Am Jan.80  
      N152AA American Airlines Aug.84  
      N152AA   Dec.93 stored MZJ
      N152AA Hawaiian Airlines Jun.94 in service
46708 62 -10 N66NA National Airlines Oct.72  
      N66NA Pan Am Jan.80  
      N153AA American Airlines Aug.84  
      N153AA   Dec.93 stored MZJ
      N153AA Hawaiian Airlines Aug.94 in service
46709 68 -10 N67NA National Airlines Nov.72  
      N67NA Pan Am Jan.80  
      N154AA American Airlines Mar.84  
      N154AA   Oct.95 stored MZJ
      N154AA   Sep.97 stored GSO
      N154AA   Apr.99 stored GYR
46710 70 -10 N68NA National Airlines Dec.72  
      N68NA Pan Am Jan.80  
      N160AA American Airlines Feb.84  
      N160AA Hawaiian Airlines Oct.94 in service
      N160AA   May.01 stored MHV
46727 83 -10 N1348U McDonnell-Douglas May.74  
      G-BBSZ Laker Airways May.74  
      N917CL Capitol Airlines May.82  
      N917JW Arrow Air Mar.84  
      EC-EAZ Spantax Oct.86  
      N40KA Key Airlines Apr.89  
      N104WA   Aug.90 stored MHV
      N104WA   Jul.94 stored LAS
      N104WA World Airways Aug.94 for ARCA Columbia
      N104WA   Aug.94 wfu MCN
46900 34 -10 N68041 Continental Airlines Apr.72  
      N68041 Continental Micronesia   in service
      N68041   Apr.99 stored GYR
      N68041 Emery May.99 in service
46901 40 -10 N68042 Continental Airlines May.72  
      N68042 Continental Micronesia   in service
      N68042   Jun.98 stored TUS
      N68042 Emery Oct.98 in service
46902 41 -10 N68043 Continental Airlines May.72  
      N68043 Continental Micronesia    
      N68043   Jul.99 stored ?
      N68043 Emery Dec.99 in service
46903 43 -10 N68044 Continental Airlines Jun.72  
      N68044 Continental Micronesia May.94  
      N68044 Emery   in service (by Dec-00)
46904 44 -10 N68045 Continental Airlines Jun.72  
      N68045 Continental Airlines Jun.78 w/o at Los Angeles
46905 47 -10 G-AZZC Laker Airways Oct.72  
      N902CL Capitol Airlines Oct.82  
      N902JW Arrow Air Oct.83  
      N52UA United Aviation Oct.87  
      N102UA United Aviation May.88  
      N102UA   Oct.91 stored MZJ
      N102UA Sun Country Mar.94  
      N573SC Sun Country May.94  
      N573SC   Jan.97 wfu MZJ
      N573SC   Dec.98 b/u MZJ
46906 50 -10 G-AZZD Laker Airways Nov.72  
      N916CL Capitol Airlines Apr.82  
      N916JW Arrow Air Apr.84  
      N171AA American Airlines Jul.87  
      N171AA Hawaiian Airlines May.94  
      N171AA   Oct.94 stored MZJ
      N171AA   Jul.95 SBA/LAX for mx
      N171AA Hawaiian Airlines Aug.95 in service
      N171AA   Mar.99 stored MHV
      N546FE Fed Ex Apr.00 still in HA c/s, stored MHV
46907 78 -10 TC-JAY Turkish Airlines Feb.73  
      N68059 Fed Ex Jan.90 in service
46908 95 -10 N901WA Western Airlines Apr.73  
      N166AA American Airlines May.85  
      N166AA   Sep.96 stored AMA
      N166AA American Airlines    
      N166AA   Jun.99 stored GYR
46928 104 -10 N902WA Western Airlines Jun.73  
      N902WA Delta Airlines Apr.87  
      N902WA United Aviation Feb.89  
      N902WA   Mar.91 stored MCO
      N902WA   Nov.91 stored MZJ
      5N-OGI Okada Air Mar.92  
      5N-OGI   Jun.92 stored LAS
      9Q-CSS Shabair Aug.93 ferried LAS-PHX-?? (Europe), in service
      9Q-CSS   Sep.94 stored OST
      N101AS   Apr.95 stored Nimes
      N902WA Airstar International Jul.96 Shabair c/s, n/t
      N902WA   Dec.96 stored Nimes
      N902WA   Sep.98 wfu Nimes, faded Shabair c/s.  Current status?
46929 107 -10 N903WA Western Airlines Jun.73  
      N903WA Western Airlines Oct.79 w/o at Mexico City
46930 112 -10 N904WA Western Airlines Jul.73  
      N904WA Hawaii Express Apr.83  
      N904WA Western Airlines Dec.83  
      N167AA American Airlines Mar.87  
      N167AA   Aug.99 stored GYR
46938 153 -10 N905WA Western Airlines May.74  
      N905WA Hawaii Express Apr.83  
      N905WA Western Airlines Dec.83  
      N168AA American Airlines Jun.87  
      N168AA   Oct.99 stored GYR
46939 203 -10 N906WA Western Airlines Jun.75  
      N1849U United Airlines    
      N1849U   Feb.00 stored LAS
      N1849U   Nov.00 stored GYR
46942 162 -10 N69NA National Airlines Jun.75  
      N69NA Pan Am Jan.80  
      N161AA American Airlines Apr.84  
      N161AA   Apr.94 stored MZJ
      N161AA Hawaiian Airlines Jan.96  
      N161AA   Aug.97 stored TUL
      N161AA Omni Air Express    
      N450AX Omni Air Express   in service
46943 163 -10 N70NA National Airlines Jun.75  
      N70NA Pan Am Jan.80  
      N162AA American Airlines Sep.84  
      N162AA Hawaiian Airlines Sep.96  
      N162AA   Oct.99 stored GYR
46946 222 -10 N907WA Western Airlines Jun.76  
      N907WA Delta Airlines Apr.87  
      N907WA Mexicana Apr.89  
      N907WA   Dec.93 stored MEX
      N907WA   Apr.94 stored TUS
      N907WA Sun Country Nov.94  
      N946LL Laker Airways Oct.96  
      N834LA Laker Airways    
      N946LL   Mar.00 stored MZJ
      N946LL   Apr.00 stored GWO?
      N946LL   Oct.00 b/u GWO
46947 247 -10 N126AA American Airlines Feb.78  
      N126AA   Oct.00 stored MHV
      N126AA Hawaiian Airlines Mar.01 in service
46948 249 -10 N127AA American Airlines Mar.78  
      N127AA   Sep.96 stored AMA
      N127AA American Airlines    
      N127AA   Nov.00 stored MHV
46970 269 -10 N1002D McDonnell-Douglas Feb.79  
      G-GFAL Laker Airways Feb.79  
      G-BJZD British Caledonian Feb.82  
      G-BJZD Cal Air Oct.85  
      G-BJZD Novair Dec.88  
      G-BJZD   Sep.90 stored ACT
      N581LF ILFC    
      N10060 Fed Ex Nov.94 in service
46973 272 -10 G-GSKY Laker Airways Mar.79  
      G-BJZE British Caledonian Oct.82  
      G-BJZE Cal Air Oct.85  
      G-BJZE Novair Dec.88  
      G-BJZE   Nov.90 stored ACT
      N591LF ILFC    
      N40061 Fed Ex Nov.94 in service
46977 251 -10 N908WA Western Airlines Mar.78  
      N908WA Delta Airlines Apr.87  
      N908WA American Airlines Jun.88  
      SE-DHZ Scanair Nov.88  
      SE-DHZ Fed Ex Jun.91  
      N572SC Sun Country Apr.94  
      N572SC Ryan Intl Jun.98 opb Skyservice USA
      N572RY Ryan Intl Feb.00 opb Skyservice USA
46983 252 -10 N909WA Western Airlines May.78  
      N909WA Delta Airlines Apr.87  
      N909WA American Airlines Jun.88  
      SE-DHY Scanair Nov.88  
      SE-DHY Sun Country Dec.93  
      OY-CNY Premiair Apr.94  
      G-TDTW Airtours Oct.00 in service
46984 250 -10 N128AA American Airlines May.78  
      N128AA Hawaiian Airlines Oct.99 in service
46989 271 -10 N130AA American Airlines Mar.79  
      N130AA   Jun.99 stored GYR
      N130AA   Oct.01 to be cvtd to freighter VCE
46994 273 -10 N131AA American Airlines Apr.79  
      N131AA   Jan.00 stored AMA
      N131AA   Apr.00 stored MHV
46996 270 -10 N129AA American Airlines Feb.79  
      N129AA Hawaiian Airlines Oct.99 in service
47800 92 -10 N68046 Continental Airlines Apr.73  
      N68046 Continental Micronesia    
      N68046   Mar.99 wfu GWO
47801 93 -10 N68047 Continental Airlines May.73  
      N68047 Continental Micronesia May.94  
      N68047   Sep.99 cvtd to freighter
      N68047   Dec.00 noted DAY in basic CO c/s, n/t
      N68047 Emery Worldwide Jan.01 in service
47802 101 -10 N68048 Continental Airlines May.73  
      N68048   Jun.93 stored IGM
      N68048   Mar.97 stored GYR
47803 139 -10 N68049 Continental Airlines Feb.74  
      N68049 Fed Ex May.81 in service
47804 142 -10 N68050 Continental Airlines Mar.74  
      N68050 Fed Ex Sep.80 in service
47805 145 -10 N68051 Continental Airlines Apr.74  
      N68051 Fed Ex Nov.86 in service
47806 148 -10 N68052 Continental Airlines Apr.74  
      N68052 Fed Ex Apr.83 in service
47807 173 -10 N68053 Continental Airlines Feb.75  
      N68053 Fed Ex Apr.83 in service
47808 177 -10 N68054 Continental Airlines Mar.75  
      N68054 Fed Ex Mar.80 in service
47809 191 -10 N68055 Continental Airlines Mar.75  
      N68055 Fed Ex Mar.80  
      N68055 Fed Ex Sep.96 Destroyed by fire at SWF, bits remain
47810 194 -10 N68056 Continental Airlines Mar.75  
      N68056 Fed Ex Oct.86 in service
47827 294 -10 N132AA American Airlines Nov.79  
      N132AA   May.99 stored AMA
      N132AA Hawaiian Airlines Jul.00 in service
      N132AA Hawaiian Airlines Dec.00 overran rwy at PPT
47828 319 -10 N133AA American Airlines May.80  
      N133AA   Nov.00 stored TUL
      N133AA Hawaiian Airlines Jan.01 in service
47829 321 -10 N134AA American Airlines May.80  
      N134AA   Jun.99 stored GYR
47830 323 -10 N135AA American Airlines Jun.80  
      N135AA Hawaiian Airlines Mar.00 in service
47832 318 -10 N914WA Western Airlines May.80  
      N914WA Delta Airlines Apr.87  
      SE-DHU Scanair Nov.88  
      OY-CNU Premiair Apr.94  
      G-TAOS Airtours Aug.00 in service
47833 322 -10 N915WA Western Airlines Jun.80  
      N915WA Delta Airlines Apr.87  
      SE-DHT Scanair Oct.88  
      SE-DHT Sun Country Jan.95  
      OY-CNT Premiair Apr.95 in service
      OY-CNT   Nov.00 parked CPH
      OY-CNT   Feb.01 stored MSE
      N833AA   Feb.01 stored MSE
      N833AA   Jun.01 wfu BOH
47965 59 -10 N1833U United Airlines Oct.72  
      N1833U     stored LAS
      N1833U     stored Nimes
      N377FE Fed Ex Mar.98 in service
47966 64 -10 N1834U United Airlines Nov.72  
      N1834U   Mar.00 stored LAS
      N1834U   Apr.00 stored GYR
47967 67 -10 N1835U United Airlines    
      N1835U     stored LAS
      N1835U United Airlines Jun.98 in service
      N1835U   Oct.00 stored LAS, last revenue UA DC-10-10 flight
47968 74 -10 N1836U United Airlines Jan.73  
      N1836U   Oct.00 stored ORD
      N1836U   Nov.00 stored LAS
47969 80 -10 N1837U United Airlines Feb.73  
      N1837U     stored LAS
      N1837U United Airlines   in service
      N1837U   Oct.00 stored LAS
48258 346 -15 N19B McDonnell-Douglas Jun.81  
      N1003L Mexicana Jun.81  
      N1003L   Nov.94 stored MZJ
      N1003L Skyjet Brazil Nov.95  
      V2-LEX Skyjet     
      PP-OOO Skyjet   opb Transair Int'l
      N48258   Feb.01 ferried GIG-SJU-ATL
48259 357 -15 N13627 McDonnell-Douglas Jun.81  
      N10045 Mexicana Jun.81  
      N10045 Aeroperu    
      N10045   Sep.94 stored MEX
      XA-TDI Aerocancun    
      N154SY Sun Country    
      N154SY   Mar.01 stored 
48260 344 -10 N1844U United Airlines Apr.81  
      N1844U   Apr.00 stored MZJ
      N361FE Fed Ex Dec.00 being cvtd to freighter
48261 347 -10 N1845U United Airlines Apr.81  
      N1845U   Jan.00 stored LAS
      N1845U   Nov.00 stored GYR
48262 351 -10 N1846U United Airlines May.81  
      N1846U   Dec.99 stored GYR
      N1846U   Jul.00 being cvtd to freighter
      N399FE Fed Ex Jul.01 in service
48263 353 -10 N1847U United Airlines May.81  
      N1847U   Dec.99 stored MZJ
      N363FE Fed Ex Dec.00 being cvtd to freighter
48264 379 -10 N1848U United Airlines Sep.82  
      N68057 Fed Ex Sep.90 in service
48275 358 -15 N10038 Aeromexico Nov.81  
      N10038     stored ?
      V2-SKY Skyjet Jul.98  
      V2-SKY Skyjet Mar.00 opb Saudi Arabian
      SX-CVP Electra Aug.00 in service
48276 362 -15 N1003N Aeromexico Nov.81  
      N1003N     stored
      N1003N Sun Country Jan.95  
      N153SY Sun Country Mar.95  
      N153SY   Apr.01 stored
48299 365 -15 N1003W Mexicana Dec.81  
      N152SY Sun Country Jan.95  
      N152SY   Oct.00 b/u GWO
48294 372 -15 N1004A McDonnell-Douglas Jan.83  
      XA-MEW Mexicana Jan.83  
      N1004A Mexicana Aug.85  
      N1004A   Oct.95 stored MZJ
      V2-LER Skyjet Jan.96  
      OO-HPN Skyjet    
      V2-LER Skyjet   in service
48295 374 -15 N1004B McDonnell-Douglas Jan.83  
      XA-MEX Mexicana Jan.83  
      XA-MEX Sun Country Dec.94  
      N151SY Sun Country Mar.95  
      N151SY   Mar.01 stored