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Avra Valley (E14)
5433 MV-22 90013   15-Apr-2000   USMC '01'  
40592 C-123 20041   10-Apr-1993      
N105CF L-1049 4137 7-Jan-2001 8-Oct-2001 X bare metal ex HI-583CT
N14099 C-131 282 24-Sep-1994 8-Oct-1994   USN 140999  
N175ML C-119 10844 15-Oct-1992 10-May-1995   Marine Lumber  
N1920G T-28 159-79   28-Apr-2001      
N299MA P-2 7211 15-Oct-1992 9-Jan-1999   Macair '99'
N31356 DC-4 42914 15-Oct-1992 30-Mar-2001 X Central AS ex N6404
N3753N DC-3 33604 15-Apr-1995 10-May-1995      
N383FM Magister 383 10-Apr-2000 23-Feb-2001 X yellow  
N42883 C-131 482 14-Oct-1991 15-Mar-1996   USN c/s  n/t
N43944 C-131 254 15-Oct-1992 23-Feb-2001   USN c/s ex 53-7802
N442JM CV-440 438 15-Oct-1992 15-Mar-1996   Central AS  
N49265 UC-45J 39265 11-Nov-2000 6-Mar-2001 X USN '9265' sometimes hangared
N494TW VC-121 2601 15-Oct-1992 30-Mar-2001 X USAF MATS 8609 active
N6404 C-54 42914 10-Apr-1993 24-Oct-1999     to N31356
N67034 C-54 22202 15-Oct-1993 30-Mar-2001 X '150'  
N67040 C-54 27232 15-Mar-1994 30-Mar-2001 X '147'  
N67062 C-54 10741 27-Nov-1990 30-Mar-2001 X '148'  
N6816D C-54 27368 15-Mar-1994 30-Mar-2001 X '109'  
N73106 CV-580 7   15-Apr-1995   Sierra Pacific  
N73153 CV-580 179 28-Mar-1998 9-Jan-1999   Sierra Pacific  
N73157 CV-580 312   28-Mar-1998   Sierra Pacific  
N73166 CV-580 374 10-May-1995 9-Jan-1999   Sierra Pacific  
N73301 CV-580 80 10-May-1995 9-Jan-1999   Sierra Pacific  
N749VR L-749A 2604 12-Sep-1994 29-Jul-2001   Conifair, later a/s to N749NL
N749NL L-749A 2604   8-Oct-2001 X The Blue Feeling for Dutch museum
N80232 P-2 7198 15-Oct-1992 23-Feb-2001 X    
N81599 C-131 53-25 15-Oct-1992 15-Mar-1996   a/s  
N816D C-54 44-199150 14-Oct-1991 15-Oct-1993      
N898BW TB-25N 458898   24-Sep-1994      
N96451 C-54 10592 15-Oct-1993 30-Mar-2001 X '111'  
N96454 C-54 10864 27-Nov-1990 15-Oct-1992      
N9692N C-123 20041 27-Nov-1990 24-Sep-1994      
RA02163 AN-2 1G312-45 3-Sep-1998 24-Oct-1999      
XB-DYU C-47 19057 15-Oct-1992 8-Oct-1994      
  MV-22 90016   1-Apr-2000   USMC '04' crashed during training