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Roswell (ROW)
Updated: 02.01.02
5N-AAA B747-148 19745 5-Oct-2000 11-Apr-2001 X Kabo Air  
5N-ZZZ B747-148 19744 5-Oct-2000 6-May-2000 X Kabo Air  
A7-ABK B747SR-81 21604 15-Mar-1999 10-May-2000 X Saudi Arabian n/t wfu
A7-ABL B747SR-81 21605 16-Apr-1999 10-May-2000 X Saudi Arabian n/t wfu
G-AWNB B747-136 19762 15-Mar-1999 16-Apr-1999   British Airw n/t  
G-AWNE B747-136 19765 29-Nov-1999 gone by 1/01   British Airw n/t to 5N-RRR
G-AWNF B747-136 19766 8-Nov-1999 gone by 1/01   British Airw n/t to 5N-JJJ
G-AWNG B747-136 20269 15-Mar-1999 16-Apr-1999   British Airw n/t b/u
G-AWNJ B747-136 20272   15-Mar-1999   British Airw n/t wfu
G-AWNL B747-136 20284 15-Mar-1999 16-Apr-1999   British Airw n/t  
G-AWNM B747-136 20708 17-Dec-1999 27-Dec-1999   British Airw n/t  
G-AWNN B747-136 20809   16-Apr-1999   British Airw n/t  
G-AWNO B747-136 20810   6-Dec-1999   British Airw n/t wfu
G-AWNP B747-136 20952 22-Nov-1999 gone by 1/01   British Airw n/t to 5N-OOO
G-BDPV B747-136 21213   16-Apr-1999   British Airw n/t  
G-BDXD B747-236B 21241 17-Dec-1999 11-Apr-2001 X British Airw n/t Blue Poole'/wfu
N B747-     17-Aug-2001 X Polar Air Cargo  
N MD-80     14-Nov-2001 X American n/t  
N MD-80     14-Nov-2001 X American n/t  
N MD-80     14-Nov-2001 X American n/t  
N MD-80     14-Nov-2001 X American n/t  
N MD-80     14-Nov-2001 X American n/t  
N????? B747     18-Aug-2001 X Polar Air Cargo  
N????? DC-8     18-Sep-2001 X Emery arr as EWW598
N1306D CV-340     14-Oct-1999   Renown n/t  
N13974 A300 126 15-Oct-1997 9-Mar-2001   Continental dep to Filton
N141US DC-10-40   28-Sep-2001 6-Dec-2001 X Northwest  
N144JC DC-10-40     3-Jan-2002 X Northwest  
N147US DC-10-40   1-Oct-2001 6-Dec-2001 X Northwest  
N151US DC-10-40   2-Oct-2001 6-Dec-2001 X Northwest  
N155US DC-10-40     5-Jan-2002 X Northwest  
N156US DC-10-40   29-Sep-2001 6-Dec-2001 X Northwest  
N15967 A300 121   15-Oct-1997   ex Continental  
N159US DC-10-40     3-Jan-2002 X Northwest  
N161US DC-10-40     2-Oct-2001   Northwest  
N1908 B727-23 19183   10-Oct-1998     wfu
N201US B727-251     28-Jan-2002 X Northwest  
N202RA CV-440 497 16-Apr-1999 6-May-2000 X Renown  
N203EA A300 43 15-Oct-1997 5-Oct-2000 X Eastern n/t wfu
N203RA CV-340 89 15-Mar-1999 6-May-2000 X Renown n/t wfu
N204RA CV-440 504 15-Mar-1999 27-Dec-1999 X Renown wfu
N205RA CV-580     16-Apr-1999      
N220NW DC-10-30     6-Dec-2001 X Northwest  
N224KW A300 73 8-Oct-1999 6-May-2000 X PACE Pinnacle Air Cargo  
N237NW DC-10-30     26-Nov-2001   Northwest  
N270OX B727-90C 19170   15-Jul-2000 X    
N286US B727-251     3-Jan-2002 X Northwest  
N289F L-188 1110 15-Mar-1999 6-May-2000 X Lyndon Air Cargo  
N297US B727-251     11-Jan-2002 X Northwest  
N298US B727-251     9-Jan-2002 X Northwest  
N298US B727-251     9-Jan-2002 X Northwest  
N300AW L-1011 1134 15-Oct-1997 10-Jun-2000   Rich Intl to SNN
N302MB L-1011 1129 15-Oct-1997 5-Oct-2000   Rich Intl to Orient Thai by 2/01
N303VA B737-200 20125   14-Oct-1999   Viscount n/t wfu
N304EA L-1011 1005 10-Oct-1998 5-Oct-2000 X a/w  gold stp
N305GB L-1011 1127 15-Oct-1997 5-Oct-2000 X Rich Intl  
N309GB L-1011 1156 15-Oct-1997 5-Oct-2000   Rich Intl to Orient Thai by 2/01
N310GB L-1011 1155 15-Oct-1997 5-Oct-2000 X Rich Intl  
N311VA B737-247 21500   15-Oct-1997   Viscount wfu
N312GB L-1011 1100 15-Oct-1997 5-Oct-2000 X Rich Intl  
N319EA L-1011 1040   15-Oct-1997   Rich Intl  
N3410 CV-640 27   16-Apr-1999      
N3420 CV-340 64 14-Oct-1999 6-May-2000 X Zantop n/t  
N351Q L-188 1036 15-Mar-1999 6-May-2000 X Renown  
N352Q CV-340 49 15-Mar-1999 6-May-2000 X rd/bl fuselage stp wfu
N354MC B747-341     1-Jul-2001   Atlas back i/s by 10-01
N355MC B747-341     1-Jul-2001 X Atlas  
N362Q CV-580 116 15-Mar-1999 16-Apr-1999   '539' wfu
N370PC A300F 134 14-Oct-1999 27-Dec-1999   a/w  
N371PC A300F 157 14-Oct-1999 27-Dec-1999   a/w to Express.Net
N372PC A300F 196   6-May-2000 X Express.Net  
N373PC A300F 218 27-Dec-1999 6-May-2000 X a/w  
N3HH CV-340 173 15-Mar-1999 6-May-2000 X Renown wfu
N426FB DC-8-54F 45667   1-May-2001   Fine Air ret to service by 11/01
N440RM L-1329 Jetstar 5016 15-Mar-1999 6-May-2000 X red fuse/tail no marks
N44UA DC-8-54F 45800   1-May-2001 X Fine Air  
N453AC B737-293 19931 15-Oct-1997 27-Dec-1999   Airmark wfu
N454UE EMB-120 155   22-May-1999     to VH-YDD
N4935C DC-8-63 45931 15-Oct-1997 27-Dec-1999   Rich Intl dep to OPF
N501GB L-1011-500 1196 15-Oct-1997 10-Oct-1998   a/w also as SE-DVM
N505FB DC-8-51 45410   1-May-2001 X Fine Air  
N508DC DC-8-51 45935   11-Apr-2001 X Fine Air  
N517MC B747-200F     1-Jul-2001 X Atlas  
N528MC B747-200F     1-Jul-2001 X Atlas  
N55FB DC-8-55 45678   11-Apr-2001 X Fine Air  
N57FB DC-8-54F 45669   11-Apr-2001 X Fine Air  
N596AH L-1011-500 1196 15-Oct-1997 15-Mar-1999   ex Royal Jordanian  
N614US B747-251B     11-Jan-2002 X Northwest  
N66656 DC-8 45953 10-Oct-1998 27-Dec-1999   a/w  
N6812 B727-223 19487   5-Oct-2000 X Kitty Hawk  
N6821 B727-223 19496 1-Jul-2000 5-Oct-2000 X Kitty Hawk  
N7046H DC-8-54F 46011   11-Apr-2001 X Fine Air  
N707HT B707-321C 19271 15-Oct-1997 27-Dec-1999   a/w b/u
N716AA B727-223     18-Jan-2002 X American  
N722RW B727-2S7     18-Oct-2001 X Northwest  
N729RW B727-200     10-Jan-2002 X Northwest  
N729RW B727-200     10-Jan-2002 X Northwest  
N730AA B727-227     18-Jan-2002 X American n/t  
N73104 CV-340 4 15-Mar-1999 14-Oct-1999     wfu
N73126 CV-340 53 16-Apr-1999 27-Dec-1999   Renown  
N73163 CV-640 366 15-Mar-1999 27-Dec-1999   Renown wfu
N760AT B727-200     16-Oct-2001 X ATA  
N762BE L-1011 1070 15-Oct-1997 10-Oct-1998   Rich Intl to XU-900
N764BE L-1011 1113 15-Oct-1997 6-May-2000 X Rich Intl  
N765BE L-1011 1105 15-Oct-1997 5-Oct-2000 X Rich Intl  
N766BE L-1011 1112 15-Oct-1997 28-Jun-2000   Rich Intl to AUH
N767AT B727-200     12-Oct-2001 X ATA  
N768AT B727-200     19-Oct-2001 X ATA  
N770AT B727-200     16-Oct-2001 X ATA  
N773AT B727-200     18-Oct-2001 X ATA  
N775AT B727-200     20-Oct-2001 X ATA  
N780AT B727-200     12-Oct-2001 X ATA  
N783AT B727-200     12-Oct-2001 X ATA  
N786AT B727-200     24-Oct-2001 X ATA  
N788AT B727-200     16-Oct-2001 X ATA  
N808MC B747-200F     1-Jul-2001 X Atlas  
N809MC B747-200F     1-Jul-2001 X Atlas  
N8968U DC-8-62 46069   15-Oct-1997   a/w  blue tail
N924BV DC-8-62 45920   15-Oct-1997   a/w  
N950R DC-8-62     28-Nov-2001 X    
N996CF DC-8-62     29-Nov-2001 X    
OY-KGL DC-9-41 47597   25-Apr-2001 X a/w  
P4-JAA L-1011 1013 15-Oct-1997 5-Oct-2000 X TWA n/t  
P4-JAB L-1011 1215 14-Oct-1999 5-Oct-2000 X Air Ops  
SE-DDP DC-9-41     23-Aug-2001 X ex SAS  
SE-DDS DC-9-41     30-Jan-2002 X ex SAS  
SE-DOI DC-9-41     7-Oct-2001 X ex SAS  
SE-DOM DC-9-41     24-Jan-2002 X a/w  
XA-STB B737-247 20128   10-Oct-1998   Magnicharters  
XU-900 L-1011 1070 14-Oct-1999 5-Oct-2000 X a/w